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Uddokta Hoi

This is a local platform for the rising entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. This platform is dedicated towards creating the next generation of successful entrepreneurs who will have global impacts in the future. The direct English translation of Uddokta Hoi is “Be an Entrepreneur”.

The name Uddokta Hoi holds the core value of the entire platform and that’s because the name itself portrays the purpose of the platform and that is to help you grow as an entrepreneur. The platform is dedicated to offering innovative solutions through the guidance of the existing established and leading entrepreneurs.

Uddokta Hoi also believes in practicality and that’s why it is a place where the aspiring entrepreneurs can come under one umbrella and share their thoughts and ideas. It’s a place where they can grow their business thoughts by building a network among themselves.

It’s a place where they will find solutions for each other’s problems. Therefore, we are not just a platform, we are a community for the talented and rising entrepreneurs who believe in the betterment of society and the growth of business thoughts and ideas.

Our Vision

To be more than just an innovative platform – to become a strong community that prepares the next generation entrepreneurs and business leaders who will achieve success in the future. Our vision is to thrive together in business and the economy by moving unified under the same platform. After all, business is easier when it is not done by just one individual person.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a strong connection among the rising entrepreneurs of our country and help them discover their potential. We hope to contribute to the economic growth of society and the growth of business thoughts and ideas. Our primary goals are networking and building a community.

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